To browse through our catalogue, scroll down the list of works. You can play any song while listening to the score. If you have trouble reading the score in the pop-up lightbox, you can open the score in a new window by using “right click.” Some score files are large and may take a moment to load. All sample scores are provided here on the honours system with a watermark.

To narrow down the list of works, select the type of music, the instrumentation, composer (artist), or mood you are interested in. You can combine search criteria as well – for example, if you select mood: “joyful” and the category: “Choral Music”, then you’ll see a complete list of our joyful choral music. You’ll see all the words you’ve chosen above the list of songs. If you’d like to remove a search word, click on the X beside the word. Finally, you can search for specific titles or composers’ names by typing them in the search box with the magnifying glass.